You can download the latest version of Ozeki Modbus Gateway by clicking on the link below. After download, you need to unzip it and run the installer in the zip package.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.4.18
Updated: 2024.01.07.

  1. New feature (SMS alerts): SMS network connections can be monitored and SMS messages can be sent when the monitored connection goes down
  2. New feature (E-mail alerts): SMS network connections can be monitored and E-mail messages can be sent when the monitored connection goes down
  3. New feature (WhatsApp alerts): SMS network connections can be monitored and WhatsApp messages can be sent when the monitored connection goes down

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.201
Updated: 2023.05.31.

  1. New feature (WhatsApp): The system now offers connection to WhatsApp. You can send and receive WhatsApp messages.
  2. New feature (SMS messenger): The SMS messenger GUI was significantly improved. On the new GUI SMS campaigns can be imported from Microsoft Excel Shet
  3. New feature (SMS delays): It is possible to send out SMS campaigns with delays between each SMS. This is great if you expect people to call you back. For example if you send out a text every 2 minutes the incoming phone calls will not overwhelm your call center.
  4. New feature (Silent SMS support): You can now send SMS messages that are not dislayed or saved on mobile devices. This technology is also called as ping sms, stealth sms or silent sms. The recipient of a silent SMS will not notice that he received a text. However a delivery report is returned to the sender. This is a great tool to monitor the on-line connectivity of IoT devices without interfearing with their standard operation.
  5. Improvement (SMS marketing integration): Integration with the Ozeki SMS marketing system available at platform was added
  6. Bug fix (Memory managment): A memory leak was found and fixed.
  7. Bug fix (SMS routing): On some systems the SMS routing failed after a certain amount of time in high message load environments. This problem was caused by a synchrnoization issue between threads. It happend on powerful CPUs that executed many threads simultaneously.
  8. Bug fix (SMS folders): Moving messages to the inbox was not possible in the message folder view. This bug is fixed
  9. Bug fix (Ozeki alarm): A compatibliity issue in the Ozeki Alarm system was fixed, that caused it to not work with newer SMS gateways

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.193

  1. New feature (Delivery report matching): The a new form was added to the server preferences, that allow you to configure the delivery report matching policy. This allows you to select the appropriate delivery report storage architecture for your environment. Standard lists, B-Tree, Non-cached file storage can be selected.
  2. Improvement (Memory consumption): The memory consumption of the software is optimized to work with lower memory requirement.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.191

  1. Improvement (Subscriptions): Data connections and chat users can subscribe for incoming modbus messages
  2. Improvement (Modbus Chat): The chat with modbus devices is improved

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.190

  1. Improvement (Modbus TCP/IP): Device chat has been improved. You can chat with devices on the TCP/IP mobbus link by sending out modbus frames.
  2. Improvement (Modbus RS485): Device chat has been improved. You can chat with devices on the RS485 mobbus link by sending out modbus frames.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.97

  1. New feature (Uninstall button): Uninstall buttons were added to the connections, to make uninstallation easier
  2. Improvement (GUI): The MPM label is improved to provide accurate measurement for slow connections.
  3. Improvement (Ozeki Account): The Ozeki Account security has been improved
  4. Improvement (SMPP): The submit reference matching is improved. Delviery reports are metched with upper, lower and mixed case submit reference strings.
  5. Improvement (SQL persistence): The sql query evaluation is improved to provide more protection from SQL injection threats.
  6. Bug fix (Addrebook): The address book import feature had a bug, that prevented phone numbers being imported. This bug is fixed.
  7. Bug fix (GUI): The browsre cache prevented the update of the configuration form in some cases. A workaround was put in place to handle this issue

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.95

  1. Bug fix (SMS): The configuration forms did not preserve some values. This bug is fixed.
  2. Bug fix (Chat): A bug could cause a message loop. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.90

  1. New feature (Context menu): The context menu was improved, to support file open with the right click
  2. Improvement (Addressing): There was an inconsistency in the addressing scheme. In a message therere are 3 types of addresses: station ID, connection ID, address. The station ID referes to the computer where the messages is coming from. The connection ID contains the name of the connection, for example SMPPlink1, the address contains the actual address, eg. +36123467. The inconsistency happened when the address field was empty. In this case, in some parts of the code the connection ID was inserted in place of the address, in other situations it was left empty. This inconsistency is resolved. The connection ID is NOT inserted into the address fieled if it is left empty. If you did not configure a default address for a connection (e.g. a default phone number in the SMPP link), make sure you have one configured now.
  3. Bug fix (Route link): The route name link did not work properly. It pointed to an invalid URL. It is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.82

  1. New feature (Chat server): The chat server has been improved. The store and forward capability is much faster now.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.77

  1. Improvement (Chat): The chat client has been improved to support forms and HTML content.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.75

  1. New feature (SMTP server): The built in SMTP server now support SSL. Two methods can be used: STARTTLS and SSL / TLS.
  2. New feature (SMTP server): A new authentication method was added to the SMTP server. It can authenticate clients with a username present in the E-mail header. A special e-mail header field was introduced called x-ozeki-auth. And username and password can be provided in the following format: x-ozeki-auth: user; password
  3. Improvement (IMAP server): Microsoft Outlook support is added to the built in IMAP server. Outlook uses some non-standard parameters which are now supported in Ozeki
  4. Bug fix (Chat): The chat client displayed duplicate messages on some slow systems. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.73

  1. New feature (SQL reporting): SQL reporting used by SMS service providers is improved. A new tabpage was added to the SQL console (check the bottom), that allows manual modification of SQL templates used for querying the database.
  2. Improvement (Licensing): The product activation system removes trial license codes automaticall if active codes are enterd
  3. Improvement (Keepalive): The keepalive algorithm now monitors network traffic. It will only send out keepalive requests if there is no traffic for a configured amount of time on the link. This improves connection speeds on high capacity IP SMS links, because no keepalive traffic is generated under heavy loads.
  4. Improvement (SMS submit timeout): The submit timeout value of IP SMS connections have been increased from 10 seconds to 25 seconds. The change was applied to support providers accessed through very slow connections and to support providers who provide a slow service.
  5. Bug fix (Reporting database): The reporting database configuration form did not allow the password to be changed. If you have updated the password, it still tried to connect with the old. This bug is fixed.
  6. Bug fix (SMS outbox): In some routing configurations SMS messages could get stuck in the outbox of users. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.70

  1. New feature (Access): Microsoft Access support is added to make it easy to send/receive chat messages and sms messages from Access database tables.
  2. New feature (Excel): The HTTP API was improved to support Microsoft Excel. Now Micrsoft Excel can be used to send chat messages and sms messages. This feature is loved by office users, because they like to create excel spreadsheats with a list of phone numbers and messages texts. Now they can send message directly from Excel with the click of a button.
  3. Improvement (SMPP client): The delivery report matching feature of the SMPP client has been improved. In case the SMPP service provider returns the submit reference in lower case hex digits, and after this it returns the delivery report reference as an integer, the delivery report will be matched. (In the previous version we expected upper case hex representation. This version handles both: upper case and lower case)
  4. Improvement (Chat GUI): The chat GUI had some cosmetic improvements to make it look nicer
  5. Compatiblity (HTTP API): The compatibility of the HTTP API is improved to support HTTP clients developed to operate with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.67

  1. New feature (Logs): Daily log rotation is introduced to save disk space
  2. New feature (SQL to chat): Chat messages can be sent from SQL databases
  3. New feature (HTTP to chat): Chat messages can be sent using HTTP requests
  4. Improvement (Logs): The log file names are updated to make them free of spaces and special characters
  5. Improvement (Control panel): The help section of the control panel app is improved

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.65

  1. Improvement (P2Pl): The P2P network connection setup is improvied
  2. Improvement (Routing): The advanced page of the routing match conditions did not make it possible to install new custom conditions. This issue is resolved. Now you can install and configure custom matching conditions
  3. Bug fix (Routing GUI): The text matching routing rule GUI did not provide correct examples for matching patterns. The examples are corrected.
  4. Bug fix (UCP connection GUI): The GUI had two configuration tabs. Now there is only one.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.63

  1. Improvement (P2P stack): The link setup between chat clients and the server discovery was improved.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.54

  1. New feature (Installer): A new dialog window is created to help you follow the progress of the installation from the app store
  2. Improvement (Installer): The ozeki store / installer feature now downloads all components before it starts the installation. The previous version did the two steps simultaneously, which could lead to errors in case of instable network environments.
  3. Improvement (P2P): The chat network link setup functionality is improved.
  4. Improvement (P2P): The chat server is improved. It allows simultaneous connections from multiple (e.g.: LAN and WAN ip-s).
  5. Improvement (Keepalive): The keepalive/automatic reconnect functionality is more intelligent in messaging connections, such as SMPP
  6. Bug fix (SMTP): The built in E-mail server (SMTP) had a bug, that prevented it to accept some e-mails. This bug is fixed.
  7. Bug fix (SMPP): The password box of the SMPP client did not work porperly. It is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.52

  1. Improvement (Security): The login form security is improved
  2. Improvement (Security): Remote chat clients are not allowed to commicate with local connections unless explicit permission is granted
  3. Improvement (Security): Chat users are only allowed to login on the local computer
  4. Improvement (Security): Friendships are not established automatically in the chat client
  5. Improvement (Security): Tunnels used for voice calls are not enabled by default
  6. Improvement (Ozeki account): The Ozeki Account app allows you to edit your security details, such as login e-mail, password, etc.
  7. Improvement (UDP): The UDP link management for all services based on UDP/IP is improved
  8. Bug fix (Keepalive): The automatic reconnect of lost network connections feature had a bug, that prevented the reconnection in some cases
  9. Bug fix (Imap): The Imap client had a bug, that is fixed.
  10. Bug fix (Database): The SQL query building had a bug, that is fixed. This prevented some SMS messages to be saved into the database. (Happened very rarely, but it had to be fixed)

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v10.3.50

  1. New feature (Unified version numbers): The version numbers are synchronized accross Ozeki products, to help compatibility when multiple products are installed on the same computer. This is why you see a big jump in the versioning of some products.
  2. New feature (IMAP): We have implemented the IMAP client protocol. Now you can connect your system to e-mail servers through IMAP (both plain and SSL connections are supported). This allows you to create great e-mail gateway setups, such ash e-mail to chat or e-mail to SMS.
  3. New feature (SMS to Chat): If you install the Ozeki Chat server and the Ozeki SMS Gateway apps, you can chat with mobile phones in SMS. This gives the same experience you would get in a standard chat application.
  4. New feature (Email to Chat): If you install the Ozeki Chat server and the configure an IMAP or POP3 client connection, you can chat with e-mail contacts, as you would chat in a standard chat application
  5. Improvement (Chat): The chat transport now supports both UDP and TCP connections
  6. Bug fix (HTTP API): The HTTP API did not work because of an obfuscation error. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v1.0.59

  1. Bug fix (Friendship delete): If a P2P friendship was deleted, the information was not transfered to all clients. This bug is fixed.
  2. Bug fix (File transfer): The P2P file transfer for encrypted connections had a bug, that is fixed now.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v1.0.57

  1. New feature (SMPP user): On the SMPP user s config form, in the Advanced tab page in the delivery report group box you can select Hex formatted submit reporting. If you enable this option, the SMS submit reports returned to incoming SMS messages to your SMPP customers, will be in Hex format. Note that the delivery reports will contain the format as Integer numbers.
  2. Improvement (Delivery reports): Some SMPP providers return the submit reference in Hex format and the reference in the delivery report is sent by them in int format. Our previous SMS gateway, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway were able to handle this setup, it could match delivery reports in this case. This functionality was added to the SMPP client connections in Ozeki 10. If you use SMPP SMS connections in this product, and you experienced problems with delivery reports, this fix will solve the problem.
  3. Improvement (Password form): The appearance of the password change form is improved
  4. Bug fix (Memory leak): Another memory leak was discovered, that could impact long term operations. This is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v1.0.53

  1. New feature (Automatic updates): Automatic updates are available from this version on.
  2. New feature (Chat): If P2P communication is used availabilty of remote parties are handled more efficiently
  3. Improvement (Logging): The overall quality of log entries have been improved. Several meaningless leg entries were removed from the logging system.
  4. Improvement (Text to speech): The text to speech capability is improved. Now individual browsers and browser tab pages can be address to read out text.
  5. Improvement (Database reporting): The reporting system (e.g. reporting database) is not recording suplementary messages.
  6. Bug fix (Memory): A memory leak was discovered. It is fixed.
  7. Bug fix (Stability): An unexpected exception could occur during heavy network, that could cause the Ozeki service to stop unexpectedly. This bug is fixed.
  8. Bug fix (GUI): In cases of parallel GUI access some GUI components were duplicated on the screen. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v1.0.47

  1. New feature (Installer): The Ozeki installer that allows easy updates are included in this package.
  2. New feature (P2P): The P2P file exchange feature is improved.
  3. Bug fix (Stability): The service could stop unexpectedly in previous version. This bug is fixed.

Ozeki Modbus Gateway v1.0.39
Ozeki Modbus Gateway v1.0.35
Ozeki Modbus Gateway v1.0.5

  1. New feature (First release): This is the first public release of the Ozeki Modbus Gateway. It is a great tool that allows you to communicate with deives using the Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols. It can operate over RS485 serial links and it supports Modubs to TCP/IP gateways.

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