Ozeki Modbus gateway screenshots

In the page, you can see screenshots about the login window, the desktop, the menu system and some helpful features of the Ozeki Modbus Gateway. On Figure 1, 2 you can see the login procedure of the Modbus Gateway. On Figure 3 to Figure 10, you can see some of the many features of the Modbus Gateway.

Ozeki modbus gateway login
Figure 1 - Login form of Ozeki Modbus Gateway

Ozeki modbus gateway desktop
Figure 2 - Desktop of Ozeki Modbus Gateway

Ozeki modbus gateway main menu
Figure 3 - The main menu of Modbus Gateway application

Ozeki modbus gateway connections
Figure 4 - Add a new connection

Ozeki modbus tcp connection
Figure 5 - Create a new Modbus connection

Ozeki modbus user or application
Figure 6 - Add a new user or application

Ozeki modbus database applications
Figure 7 - List of the available database applications

Ozeki modbus new command
Figure 8 - Compose a new command

Ozeki modbus advanced menu
Figure 9 - The Advanced menu of Modbus Gateway